FairyTale Fantasies® 'The Little Mermaid' statues - SIGNED

Order your collectible FairyTale Fantasies® 'The Little Mermaid' statue based on artwork by J. Scott Campbell and are produced by Sideshow Inc. Available in 2 editions. All statue bases are signed by J. Scott Campbell.


Limited to 1 statue per order

Edition A: Exclusive with 'green tail' - SIGNED
Edition B: Store Exclusive with 'purple tail' - SIGNED

Notes: The 'green tail' Exclusive statue includes a metal print. The 'purple tail' Store Exclusive does not.

      Release Date: Fall 2018

      Order Processing Begins: To be confirmed
      Please allow 14-21 days for delivery once order processing begins. Fulfillment start date may be adjusted to accommodate high sales volume on pre-orders.

      Signed Copies
      Pricing of SIGNED statues includes the signature fee: a $20 value per item.
      Signed statues are autographed by J. Scott Campbell and include an official JScottCampbell.com Certificate of Authenticity authenticating the signature and limited nature of the collectible.

      Due to the limited inventory, the statues are sold as is. Products have been reviewed for quality control. No exchange, refunds or returns on 'FairyTale Fantasies® 'The Little Mermaid' statues - SIGNED' orders.

      Suggested pricing. Subject to change prior to launch. Due to the size of the product, we will ship the statues individually, hence the limit of 1 per order. Any additional products added to an order with a statue will be refunded on the order. A separate invoice for the additional products will be issued and will ship separately. We do not combine orders.